Why Retaining Walls Are a Great Addition to Your Property

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If you know anything about landscaping, you may have heard about softscapes and hardscapes. Softscapes refer to the living elements of a landscape, like flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass, while hardscapes refer to the nonliving elements, like stone pathways or fountains. For a cohesive and beautiful landscape, both softscaping and hardscaping are needed, but we have found that many people are less familiar with the hardscaping options that are available to them. For this reason, this article will discuss one terrific hardscaping element: retaining walls.

Why Retaining Walls Are a Great Addition to Your Property

Retaining walls are constructed from hard materials like stone, brick, concrete, or wood in order to hold back soil and support it laterally. Here are a few reasons why retaining walls are a great addition to your property:

  • Reduce Soil Erosion- Flowing water causes lots of soil erosion, so if you have sloped land on your property, your soil will be more prone to degradation and your surrounding plants will suffer due to that. However, retaining walls can slow the rate of the water flow and prevent other kinds of runoff.
  • Create a Focal Point- Focal points are an important part of any design, including landscape design. Retaining walls can create a stunning focal point that grabs people’s attention and gives your property a unique look.
  • Increase Property Value- Since retaining walls are durable and beautiful, they can make your property more appealing to potential buyers if you are ever thinking of selling.

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